Coupon Codes



Instructions when we have a coupon code available:

Uncertain how the “apply code” works?, please follow these steps:

1. Locate your favorite perfume, cologne, essential or imported oil, premium domestic oil – use the SEARCH box to assist you find your favorite, or a new choice. SEARCH is located on the home page, top right corner. Click on the product name to take you to the purchasing and information page dedicated to the product.

2. Once on the page of your choice, click on “Choose an option”, this will give you the 3 size options. Select the number of bottles you desire, and click on “Add to Cart”

3. This will take you to the Shopping Cart. Note the “Continue Shopping” button, if you wish to add more products. At this time it is a good idea to apply the coupon to ensure the discount. Just below the list of your selected products, and to the left of the form you will see a box that asks for “Coupon”, enter the code, and click on “Apply Coupon”.

4.Under the “Cart Totals” you will see the coupon has deducted theĀ  discount. If you finished shopping, click on “Proceed to Checkout”

5. Complete the billing details and if you need to ship to a different address, tick the box to the right of this form, and complete the details. Scroll down to where you are asked to choose Paypal Express or Credit Card via Sage. Both options are very secure.

6. Complete the details as prompted and click on “Place Order”

7. If the order is not accepted a comment written in red will highlight the error.

8. An accepted order will generate an email which will indicate we are processing.

Once we have processed the order we will send an email stating it is completed as has been dispatched.

We look forward to receiving an order. If you have any questions or are having problems using the shopping cart please telephone 800-223-8660.