Pure Perfume & Pure Cologne

WHY choose our Pure Perfume & Pure Cologne instead of department store scents:

shutterstock_123890320No Alcohol – Store perfumes and colognes have 80-94% alcohol content. 
                      – Our PURE perfume and PURE cologne have no alcohol, just the natural oil.
shutterstock_80572300Strength of scent – Our PURE perfume and PURE cologne are highly concentrated. 
                                  – One drop on your skin will last for 8 to 12 hours
                                  – Spray on alcohol based products have no endurance
                                  – Pure perfume and Pure cologne do not spoil – longevity in the glass bottle.
shutterstock_137302256Allergic Reaction – Most people have NO allergic reaction to PURE perfume or PURE cologne, because of the natural content….NO alcohol NO petroleum filler,which cause allergic reactions.
imgresPrice & Packaging – No designer glass bottle, but simple effective low expense packaging
                                  – A 0.25oz bottle of PURE perfume or PURE cologne is valued at $45.00
                                  – The content of our 0.25oz bottle equals 3 x 4oz containers of spray perfume
shutterstock_89483827Other Uses – A drop of PURE perfume or PURE cologne into your bath….it is just pure oil.
          – We can infuse lotions, shampoos, massage products, etc with any PURE perfume or PURE cologne
Nantucket Perfume Company PURE PERFUME & PURE COLOGNE
healthynatural,  and less expensive alternative to the department store option.