NPC Organic

imagesDemystifying the Organic Essential Oils myth!!

Nantucket Perfume Company has watched the emergence of many essential oil providers who claim to be pure and natural, and as they jump on the bandwagon to supply the discounted so-called pure essential oil, it does send a sad message to the marketplace.

Many of these providers are quite simply not truthful with the description of their products.

At Nantucket Perfume Company we make no apology our organic essential oils are more expensive, but we can categorically state our essential oils are certified organic.

For over 30 years, John Harding has sourced the best organic essential oils and he will not be compromised, ensuring the certification of his suppliers is creditable.

When we add the words natural and certified organic to our essential oils, this means they are food-grade….you can consume them. When looking at other alternatives on the market, one must consider this application.

The labels can state many things, but it is inside the bottle that counts.

Nantucket Perfume Company oils are natural and certified organic.